What to expect

The Tofino-Long Beach Airport has three 5,000 ft long (or roughly 1,500 metres) runways. Two of the runways, including the primary runway, measure 100 ft (30 metres), while the third is 150 ft (or 45.7 metres) in width. The airport can accommodate large planes up to a Boeing 737.

Scrool down for for a video of one landing approach.

The airport has a modern high speed WiFi internet connection available for traveller use.

Fuel Service

Fuel is available at the Tofino-Long Beach Airport. Av Gas and Jet A fuel are sold by card lock.

100LL is $2.25 per litre
Jet A is $1.56 per litre
Prices as of Spring, 2016: Fuel Price Information is provided by Long Beach Enterprises

Instrumental Flight Rules (IFR) approaches are available using GPS (Geographic Positioning System) and NDB (Non-Directional Beacon). Currently the Tofino-Long Beach Airport does not have nighttime flight capability.

Landing Fees

Minimum Charge: $15.00 for commercial aircraft
Domestic ($/1,000 kg)
< 10,000 kg $3.20
10,000 kg - 45,000 kg $4.05
> 45,000 kg $5.08

The airport terminal building, located on Airport Rd. opposite the main Long Beach access, has many passenger-friendly features. The facility has Wi-Fi, seating for 25 passengers, restrooms and vending food service. Regular carriers have kiosks at the terminal, as does Budget Rental Car. There is parking for some 80 vehicles adjacent to the terminal.

Auxiliary buildings at the terminal site include a maintenance hangar and storage facilities, as well as additional private tenants.